Like-minded people who leverage their social and financial resources for the greater good of all. Join people just like you who help each other forge their way to financial freedom.
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What is the Planet Wealth Community?

The Planet Wealth Community is made up of everyday folks who are committed to the free and open pursuit of wealth, by all, and as each defines it. It's where like-minded people leverage their social and financial resources to achieve their financial dreams together and close the wealth gap that exists today.

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Why is it important?

At Planet Wealth, we believe it's easier to achieve our financial goals when we work together. As the saying goes, there's strength in numbers. With the support of others, it's easier to dive in and confidently pursue our dreams, led by those who have achieved them. Learning from others, raising capital together, and investing in those around you creates opportunities for everyone.
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What’s In It For Me?

Control over your financial destiny. A true ability to achieve financial freedom, regardless of your current station, with the support of a community who, while pursuing their own dreams, has the ability to earn while helping you.
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How Do I Win?

Join Planet Wealth as a Member and register to earn. Everyone is welcome. If you believe in our mission and want only to cheerlead our efforts and help others, we'll show you how you can earn. If you're a bit more ambitious and want to raise capital to pursue your financial freedom, we'll show you how you can, whether you have money today or not. Or if you just want to support others by investing with advantages ONLY a like-minded group would offer—simply sign up today and help close the wealth gap together.

Success is Built on Teamwork

Everyone desires some form of financial freedom but most of us don’t have the time, skill, or the resources to obtain it. On Planet Wealth, we make it easy for anyone to create opportunities to share with others. Everyone plays an important role. Planet Wealth and its members serve the financial selfinterest of others while serving their own, allowing all to participate as little or as much as they want. All you need is provided in Done-For-You fashion making it simple and easy to get started for free. Bring the ambition, we’ll help with the rest.

Done-For-You Marketing Assets to Help Build Your Network

Using our professionally created materials, you can market and build your network just like a pro. There’s no need to spend hours or days on end creating marketing assets. With these resources in hand, you can use quality content and share it with the world in minutes.

Email Campaigns
Get professionally written email campaigns that help guide your network along the path to their own financial freedom.

Text Messages
Connect with your network where they do most of their business. Send written texts that will get your network engaged.

Social Media Infographics
Get engaging social media assets to showcase how your network can benefit from being on a wealth creation journey with you.

Short and Long Form Video
Access marketing videos that pitch your story in just a few minutes



  • Planet Wealth provides a platform to help people begin to create wealth for themselves, without capital risk. Here's how:

    • Register as a Member
    • Spread the news to your friends of how they can gain financial independence, without capital risk through our "Build it Now…" Marketing Suite
    • This transitions your social network and connections into a like-minded network
    • Engage LaunchPro to pool your network's financial capital in a Win-Win proposition
    • Repeat the process to create as much or little wealth, income and equity as you desire!  
  • Yes! There are no time obligations at Planet Wealth. Use the Wealth Connect Network to build a like-minded network in your spare time and pool your network's financial capital using LaunchPro as your network grows. You can repeat the process as your time allows.

  • Yes! Our "Build it Now…" Marketing Suite allows anyone to use professionally prepared marketing material to build an audience of like-minded individuals. If you can copy, paste & send, you're represented like a Pro!

  • As people spread the word about our Crusade to empower the average individual, Planet Wealth will track the origination of all its registered Members and like-minded people and COMPENSATE the originators of those Members on products and services Planet Wealth sells that are designated as commissionable.  As people come together (social community) to empower each other's financial independence, an organized social or financial network like Facebook and Twitter and Robinhood may form. UNLIKE those powerhouses, Planet Wealth believes those that helped should share in the financial rewards.

  • Yes! We have the technology to track the activities on our platform and who is making introductions to the various projects that are listed. Once this rule is in place – we fully intend to leverage our platform and allow for finders to generate income by making introductions to capital sources.

  • Our "Build it Now" Marketing Suite offers professionally prepared tools and features to communicate with your social media contacts and import them into your Planet Wealth Profile. In addition, it offers a wide variety of copy and send content that explains what we do, including: infographics, texts and messages you can send or post to clearly explain our Global Mission