Path to Financial Independence

Simple, easy to follow, and free! Just bring your ambition and a little elbow grease.
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Four Easy Ways to Financial Freedom
Choose your path to financial freedom through our four easy options. Whether you want to start investing in real estate, own Planet Wealth or raise capital for your project- our platform offers easy paths for you to start building wealth, your way.
Own Assets
1. Own
Own assets that grow your wealth passively.
Build assets
2. Build
Build value, earn and position future earning power with every action you take.
Create assets
3. Create
Create Wealth through structure and system, without capital risk.
Invest assets
4. Invest
Quickly convert what you earn into income-producing vehicles that provide financial advantage.

Own Planet Wealth

Get in early and own your piece of Planet Wealth.

Members of Planet Wealth will be able to take their seats at the table and participate in capitalism the way it was meant to be. We’re bringing Wall Street to Main Street and doing it with like-minded individuals, easy-to-use tools, and eliminating the costs and complexity of creating wealth. Planet Wealth was created to empower anyone to own assets, even if they don’t have their own money to use.

Together, we can democratize financial freedom for all.

Do you believe in our mission and want in? We’re sharing early access by allowing you to get in at the early stages.

Build Your Network

Community plays a huge role in your financial success at Planet Wealth.

Planet Wealth is building one of the largest wealth-building communities in the world. Our members serve the financial self-interest of others while serving their own, allowing anyone to participate as little or as much as they want. All you need to do is bring the ambition. Using our professionally created materials, you can market and build your network like a pro. Start building your network and benefit from it forever.

Building your network allows you the opportunity to earn. If you’re an owner in Planet Wealth (step 1), this is like getting paid twice as building your network also helps drive the value of Planet Wealth.

Once your network is in place, you will have an aggregated audience of like-minded individuals who are now ready for the next step.

Create Wealth without Costs

Create wealth as an issuer using our LaunchPro Turnkey Suite.

Minimize your efforts and maximize your financial success with turnkey offerings. Whether you want to generate income from rental properties, own a business franchise, or trade collectible cars, Planet Wealth provides the ability in an easy and done-for-you fashion. Our growing library of LaunchPro turnkeys provides a money-making system that is simple and easy for anyone to access the capital and expertise they need to create as much income and wealth as they’re willing to pursue.

Use our marketing suite to share your turnkey offering with your network (step 2). You’ll be empowered with participation in the deal, they will be empowered with investor terms that Wall Street could never offer them, and owners of Planet Wealth (step 1) will be empowered with activity further driving the value of Planet Wealth.

Now that you have money coming in every month, reinvest it with advantage in the next step.

Invest with Advantage- WealthFunding

Where asset-supported structure and terms favor investors with a mathematical advantage

Our WealthFunding Portal is the natural evolution of crowdfunding. We’ve eliminated preparation costs so all investor dollars can go to work instead of paying high fees. Investments are supported by real assets, not just ideas. Project organizers are paid on performance to maximize ROI so everyone’s goals for the project are aligned. This is clearly defined return on investment potential built-in from the start.

When Investors get paid first, investor money goes directly into assets, and project organizers are paid on performance, it’s a win-win for everyone. You’ll be empowered with our investor first philosophy, project organizers will be empowered with access to capital (step 3), and owners of Planet Wealth will be empowered with activity further driving the value of Planet Wealth.


  • The terms of the deal are predefined to fit Investors into the deal advantageously.

    • Investor funds are dedicated to asset purchase or improvement
    • Investor distributions are paid first
    • No salaries are allowed to be paid to project organizers/leaders
    • After Investor distributions are paid, project organizers split what's left with investors.
  • By structuring our deals to be investor advantaged, we position investor distributions to be paid first with the project leader compensated in a pay for performance model. Everyone in the deal needs to win together for the project leader to win.

  • The elimination of offering costs increases earning power to provide empowered returns for everyone involved. By putting more investment dollars to work, more capital is available to create investor returns.

  • The elimination of offering costs leaves more money to be put to work. By putting more investment dollars to work, more capital is available to create investor returns.

  • Planet Wealth LaunchPro technology provides the ability to access capital at low cost by reducing preparation and eliminating traditional intermediary and Wall Street placement costs.