LaunchPro Turnkey Suite

Whether you want to generate income from rental properties, own a franchise business, or trade in collectible cars - Planet Wealth provides the ability in a FREE, automated, and easy process.
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What is the LaunchPro Turnkey Suite?

The LaunchPro is a FREE and easy-to-use, money-raising suite of tools that empower anyone to access all the capital they need to be an entrepreneur without needing expertise or business acumen. From flipping houses to buying a business franchise, the possibilities are endless with the LaunchPro Turnkey Suite.

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Why is it important?

By eliminating cost and automating expertise, access to capital is now open for everyone to unlock their financial goals; your only limit is your ambition and imagination.
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What’s In It For Me?

Turn your dream into a reality with access to the capital you need without risking your own money. The LaunchPro guides you every step of the way.
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How Do I Win?

Choose the asset that interests you most and follow the simple, fill-in-the-blank steps. We provide everything you need to prepare your offering and share it with the people you know and trust. If you have a question, join our Telegram Channel, where the community and our instructor will walk you through every step. We are in this together. Every step we take together helps close the wealth gap.
How Much Can WealthFunders Actually Make?
Conventional Mortgage (20% Down)
Total Amount Raised (Down Payment) $300,000
Net Return $49,983
Cash on Cash Return 20%
Annual Investor Income $29,490 - $40,488
Annual Investor % Return 9.83% - 13.5%
Annual Project Organizer Income $9,495 - $20,490
Cash Earned Upon Sale of Asset $$$,$$$

* Individual returns will vary

Mathematically Improved Earning Potential.

Wealth creation isn't magic, it is simple mathematics.

By eliminating cost, more working capital is available, which empowers higher investor returns.

The LaunchPro technology provides everything in done-for-you fashion, thus eliminating the expensive preparation and placement cost that you would normally be charged by intermediaries setting up your deal.

The elimination of cost leaves more money to be put to work. In fact LaunchPro Turnkeys put 100% of capital raised to work.

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We've Done the Work So You Don't Have To

This offering is completely turnkey so that you can get started on an easy path.

Everything from a business model, operational plan, structure, terms, legal documentation, professional website, and marketing assets are provided through our turnkey system.

Completely Turnkey

Completely Turnkey

Done-For-You Service eliminates the need for exhaustive and expensive setup efforts.
Asset Supported

Asset Supported

Offer Asset Supported Investments so your investors can feel secure.
Legal and Ethical

Legal and Ethical

Our Turnkey Suite prioritizes the return of, and on, your investor's capital.


Prepare an offering at a fraction of the traditional preparation costs.


  • The elimination of offering costs increases earning power to provide strong returns for your investors and room for you to participate in the deal without making a cash contribution. For every dollar you raise, it’s like putting it into an account where you earn from it. See this example for full details.

  • The elimination of offering costs leaves more money to be put to work. By putting more investment dollars to work, more capital is available to create investor returns.

  • Planet Wealth LaunchPro technology provides the ability to access capital at low cost by reducing preparation and eliminating traditional intermediary and Wall Street placement costs.

  • The amount you earn will depend on a combination of your talent and the circumstances surrounding your deal including the amount of capital you can raise and how efficiently you can put the capital to work. You earn based on a pay for performance model so you are incentivized to purchase at the lowest possible price while maximizing revenue. For an example of how much you can make based on what you raise, see this example using the MBH Turnkey.