Collectible Stamps

Build equity and earn income by purchasing and selling valuable stamps.
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Now Anyone Can Own and Earn from Collectible Stamps

Offer a completely turnkey investment in one of the most proven asset classes on the market, collectible stamps, without risking your own money

Build Equity and Earn Income Without the Risk

It’s now easier than ever for you to create and present a wealth-building opportunity for yourself and the people you know and trust. We’ve created a digital platform like the pros use on Wall Street to create investment opportunities without risking your own money. We save you thousands of dollars in preparation costs so that your opportunity offers more significant potential for return on investment.

Follow a simple step-by-step process that guides you through creating a market-ready investment you can easily present to your network.

Once you’ve created your offering, the entire management of your opportunity is handled through your own personal investment dashboard. You can track communication, manage and review the status of your capital raise and connect with your investor pool like you are your own personal investment bank.

Simply show up, follow the system and create the financial future you’ve been waiting for!

Everything You Need to Raise Money Like a Pro

Follow the simple steps and our LaunchPro software prepares everything you need to proudly share and manage our high-quality offering so everyone can benefit together.

  • Your Offering Preparation

    Our proprietary “PPM Constructor” was designed by top-level Wall Street attorneys to provide total clarity for your investors while following the exact requirements of the law.

  • Your Offering Terms: ROI Empowered

    100% of investor funds are used to purchase or improve assets. All investments work to drive ROI and investor distributions are paid first.

  • Your Offering Management

    Everything is managed for you by our LaunchPro system. Easily raise money and manage your investors with cap table management and shareholder notification services.

  • Your Offering Website

    We provide a professional, personalized website for you to promote the opportunity to your potential investors.

  • Your Offering Video

    We give you a professional video to help tell the story of your offering. This is a great way to pitch your offering to potential investors.

  • Your WealthFunding Portal

    You can make your offering directly to your friends and family, or choose to post your deal on our WealthFunding Portal for our ready to invest community to access.

Take the Lead and Build Wealth

Mathematically Improved Earning Potential

Wealth creation isn't magic, it is simple mathematics.

By eliminating cost, more working capital is available, which empowers higher investor returns.

Our LaunchPro technology provides everything in Done-For-You fashion, thus eliminating the expensive preparation and placement cost that you would normally be charged by the intermediaries setting up your deal.

The elimination of cost leaves more money to be put to work. In fact, LaunchPro Turnkeys put 100% of capital raised to work.

We've Done the Work So You Don't Have To

This offering is completely turnkey so that you can get started on an easy path.

Everything from a business model, operational plan, structure, terms, legal documentation, professional website, and marketing assets are provided through our turnkey system.

Completely Turnkey

Completely Turnkey

Done-For-You Service eliminates the need for exhaustive and expensive setup efforts.
Asset Supported

Asset Supported

Offer Asset Supported Investments so your investors can feel secure.
Legal and Ethical

Legal and Ethical

Our Turnkey Suite prioritizes the return of, and on, your investor's capital.


Prepare an offering at a fraction of the traditional preparation costs.

Collectible Stamps

For those who have access to capital, the rarest of stamps can serve as a reliable and lucrative place to park money where trophy stamps are all but guaranteed to appreciate by virtue of their rarity.

Create Wealth by Investing in Collectible Stamps

Savvy investors with an eye for rare and valuable assets often make rare and collectible stamps a part of their investment portfolio. With millions across the globe now collecting stamps, investing in rare and collectible stamps can be a great way to diversify wealth and make money.

Want to get in on the action? Earning income by investing in rare stamps is no longer just for the wealthy. Building wealth is easy with our approach. You’ll love that there’s no need to stress about coming up with the cash yourself. Grow your network, share your deal, and start watching the money flow in.

We’re making it easier to create wealth with collectible stamps. Start your wealth creation journey on the inside track with this income-earning opportunity.

There is No Better Time to Start Creating Your Future
With all the tools in front of you, there is no better time than now to start building your financial future and helping others along the way.


  • The elimination of offering costs increases earning power to provide strong returns for your investors and room for you to participate in the deal without putting your own capital at risk. For every dollar you raise, it’s like putting it into an account where you earn from it. See this example for full details.

  • The elimination of offering costs leaves more money to be put to work. By putting more investment dollars to work, more capital is available to create investor returns.

  • Planet Wealth LaunchPro technology provides the ability to access capital at low cost by reducing preparation and eliminating traditional intermediary and Wall Street placement costs.

  • The amount you earn will depend on a combination of your talent and the circumstances surrounding your deal including the amount of capital you can raise and how efficiently you can put the capital to work. You earn based on a pay for performance model so you are incentivized to purchase at the lowest possible price while maximizing revenue. For an example of how much you can make based on what you raise, see this example using the MBH Turnkey.