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Stay on top of the market using the latest technology. Our Digital Assets and Securities Trading Platform (ATS) offers a resale market for suitable offerings processed on the LaunchPro and which meet our listing criteria.
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What is the Digital Assets and Securities Exchange?

The Digital Assets and Securities Exchange is a place where LaunchPro Turnkey Suite investments can be bought and sold in a dynamic trading environment.

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Why is it important?

Small to medium-size companies are typically shut out from accessing liquidity for their investors.
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What’s In It For Me?

Access investment opportunities not available elsewhere.
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How Do I Win?

Apply for listing and gain liquidity for your investors, or join today to trade the latest opportunities. Now it's easy to trade investments on Planet Wealth.
The Trading Platform that Serves You Better.

We’re employing our philosophies to knock down the barriers preventing liquidity for small to medium size companies. Our infrastructure makes your trading seamless and secure.

In the near future, these small to medium businesses will be able to apply for listing and gain liquidity for themselves and their shareholders.

Planet Wealth Vs Other Trading Platforms
Planet Wealth Competition
Ability to Bring Your Own Deals to Liquidity Investors get paid Investors get paid
Prime Trust Custody Wallets Investors get paid Investors get paid
Integrated Registered Transfer Agent Investors get paid Investors get paid

Trading the Way You Want it

Using modern encryption standards and the latest technology, our wallet infrastructure is integrated with Prime Trust. So you will be able to trade using your own Prime Trust Custody Account.

Store crypto, digital securities and fiat safely
Trade your assets on our fast and secure trading platform
Send your crypto around the world to anyone and anywhere the regulators allow


  • The elimination of offering costs increases earning power to provide strong returns for your investors and room for you to participate in the deal without making a cash contribution. For every dollar you raise, it’s like putting it into an account where you earn from it. See this example for full details.

  • The elimination of offering costs leaves more money to be put to work. By putting more investment dollars to work, more capital is available to create investor returns.

  • Planet Wealth LaunchPro technology provides the ability to access capital at low cost by reducing preparation and eliminating traditional intermediary and Wall Street placement costs.

  • The amount you earn will depend on a combination of your talent and the circumstances surrounding your deal including the amount of capital you can raise and how efficiently you can put the capital to work. You earn based on a pay for performance model so you are incentivized to purchase at the lowest possible price while maximizing revenue. For an example of how much you can make based on what you raise, see this example using the MBH Turnkey.