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What is Planet Wealth?

Planet Wealth is a place where you'll find all the FREE tools and support you need to create wealth, raise capital, and invest with advantages. It's a place where the playing field is level and a community of ambitious men and women, maximize their financial potential. It is a place where everyone, whether they have the capital or not, possesses the ability to build the future/fortune they desire. AMBITION is all you need, the rest is provided.

Why is it important?

Until now, cost and expertise have locked most of us out of the capital formation game. By replacing the need for experts with smart, automated business processes and FREE, easy-to-use tools, everyday people are now empowered with the ability to access capital.

What's in it for me?

On Planet Wealth, you can earn, create wealth, raise capital, and invest alongside a community of driven individuals to pursue financial freedom, as you define it. While the Carnegies, Rockefellers, and JP Morgan types-built America, the future belongs to ordinary people, now empowered with the ability to access capital to fuel their dreams. On Planet Wealth, our greatest asset is our Ambition!

How do I win?

Join Planet Wealth as a Member and register to earn. Everyone is welcome. If you believe in our mission and want only to cheerlead our efforts and help others, we’ll show you how you can earn. If you’re a bit more ambitious and want to raise capital to pursue your financial freedom, we’ll show you how you can, whether you have money today or not. Or if you just want to support others by investing with advantages ONLY a like-minded group would offer—simply sign up today and help close the wealth gap together.

Nitin Gaur, Director of IBM Financial Sciences & Digital Assets

The interesting part of the Planet Wealth ecosystem is that you have created technology that is easy for the average consumer to understand and participate in. As someone that has created, managed the research and portfolio construction and then sold a blockchain fund, I can confidently say that the potential value of your FinTech company can impact hundreds of millions with this opportunity.

Free, Simple & Easy

Our platform provides all the tools, tech, and support to create financial freedom as you define it.

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For the Ambitious:
4 - Step Path to Financial Independence

Simple, easy to follow, and free! Just bring your ambition and a little elbow grease.

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    Own assets that grow your wealth passively.

  2. 2. Build

    Build value, earn and position future earning power with every action you take.

  3. 3. Create

    Create Wealth through structure and system, without capital risk.

  4. 4. Invest

    Quickly convert what you earn into income-producing vehicles that provide financial advantage.


  • Planet Wealth is a financial ecosystem designed to empower people from all walks of life and Small to Medium Size Enterprises with the ability to create wealth by opening access to the capital markets. A community of like-minded members, empowered by capital markets technology, can now leverage their social capital and financial resources into financial gain for themselves and others, with or without capital risk. Turnkey projects – with Wall Street quality offering materials, but without the Wall Street costs – open the markets to the masses!

  • No. Planet Wealth is designed for people of all experience levels by meeting them where they are and empowering their capabilities. You can start with a small warm market of family and friends or, if you are an online influencer, simply plug in your existing audience.

  • Planet Wealth increases the financial capabilities of the middle class through leverage of their combined social and capital resources. Our Members will utilize an easy to use, multi-faceted capital markets platform to Create Wealth without Capital Risk.

    Our “Build it Now…” Marketing Suite allows anyone to use professionally prepared marketing material to Build an Audience of like-minded individuals. If you can copy, paste & send, you're represented like a Pro!

    Planet Wealth provides the ability to Access Capital at Low Cost by reducing preparation and eliminating traditional intermediary & placement costs. Get started for FREE versus 10's of $1,000s.

    Our “Done For You” Turnkeys present the Novice as a Pro with the ability to plug into a Community of Ready to Invest Members to Empower Success.

    We know some people struggle with the sales process. That's why we make it easy by providing professionally prepared marketing material and pre-defined structure and terms, so that your audience can Invest with Advantage, making it easy for Investors to say “YES!”

  • Planet Wealth is different from these well-known platforms in that:

    • Robinhood provides access to financial instruments that already exist.
    • Coinbase provides a platform for purchasing cryptocurrencies.
    • Start Engine provides a crowdfunding platform for crowdfunding.


    Planet Wealth, which will provide all of those facilities, but which ...
    ... is not simply a passive platform. Planet Wealth is an active network designed to empower like-minded individuals, from all walks of life, and SME's with the ability to gain financial independence through leverage of their combined social and capital resources.

    Our “Build it Now…” approach empowers the masses to build wealth for themselves and others through the Power of Community.

  • Planet Wealth will enable consumers to create, buy, and sell private investments in various asset classes and businesses. Our mission is to enable millions of people worldwide to take control of their financial future and create financial independence for themselves.

  • Planet Wealth provides a platform to help people begin to create wealth for themselves, without capital risk. Here's how:

    • Register as a Member
    • Spread the news to your friends of how they can gain financial independence, without capital risk through our “Build it Now…” Marketing Suite
    • This transitions your social network and connections into a like-minded network
    • Engage LaunchPro to pool your network's financial capital in a Win-Win proposition
    • Repeat the process to create as much or little wealth, income and equity as you desire!
  • If and when a trading venue is established for our shares, we'll make the appropriate public announcements and disclosures.