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When like-minded people work together, we can truly change the way business is done and the way wealth is created.

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At Planet Wealth, we aim to provide income and wealth-building opportunities that empower strong income and return potential for the average player; to build a network of people who, when working together, wield as much power as the pro’s taking advantage of opportunity with their combined force.

The power of the digital world is one where like-minded people can band together in pursuit of a common goal. The financial playing field has finally been leveled. No more Wall Street greed, No more high costs of doing business. now you can play the game... We've made it simple, easy and affordable for all.

The Full Power of Wall Street Is Now Yours.

Planet Wealth delivers a platform and system that reverse engineers the Wall Street advantages so that the average person can pursue their quest for financial independence with the same advantages that Wall Street uses, and they can do it WITHOUT risking their own capital. You heard right, we had to design a system that anyone and everyone could take advantage of.


Wall Street lives and dies on its ability to quickly access a strong network used to help build financial success. With our system, you can assemble and empower the same network force to start achieving your own financial independence, together.


One thing that Wall Street does better than everyone else is access capital they can use to invest to their advantage, without risking their own money. Now you can access capital the same way, without risking your own, and we've cut out the Wall Street greed.


Wall Street always wins because they create and control the opportunities that go to the market. When the opportunities do finally get in front of you, it's either too expensive to participate, or the returns are potentially pennies. On Planet Wealth, YOU create the opportunity.

The Power is Back in Our Hands. Join Us In Changing the Way Wealth is Created.

Community Driven
Financial Independence.

Join a rapidly growing community of people who believe that wealth creation isn't just for the ones at the top. Our Planet Wealth Network is a place where like-minded individuals can pool their social and financial capital for the benefit of all. Our Marketing Suite gives you the power to spread the word quickly and professionally with Done-For-You Text Messages, Emails, and Social Media Graphics that you can send in just a few clicks. Every action you take as part of our Ambassador Suite allows you to earn for yourself while helping others earn for themselves. We've got strength in numbers, and together, we can truly change the path to financial independence for all.

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Take the Lead, Create Wealth for All.

Wealth creation isn't magic, it's simple math. When you eliminate the large financial institutions and the setup costs of doing business, there is more working capital to share in the returns. With predefined terms and carefully crafted deal structures, both issuers and investors get to start on the inside track.

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Investor Advantages Come First.

Our Investment Committee examines each Planet Wealth opportunity to ensure that your capital is going straight to the asset, not paying salaries or fees to intermediaries so that your investment is being maximized with minimal risks. When the maximum amount of capital is going to work, and the investor is positioned to receive distributions first, the only question left to answer is which market you want to plug in to.

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The Power of Wall Street in the Hands of Main Street.

Meet our C-level, Board Members and Advisors

Greg Sossaman

Chief Executive Officer

Lance Woodson

Chief Information Officer
Board Member

Michael Hamburger

Chief of Sales

Ross Denny

Chief of Marketing

Valorie Kimbrell

Director of Human Resources

Douglas Skipworth


Clarence Chapman Jr.


Stanford Roberts


Chris Kern

Institutional Investor Advisor

R. Jeffrey Cole, MD

Board Member

Craig Weiss

Board Member

Chris Corica

Board Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Planet Wealth?

Planet Wealth is a financial ecosystem designed to empower people from all walks of life and Small to Medium Size Enterprises with the ability to create wealth by opening access to the capital markets. A community of like-minded members, empowered by capital markets technology, can now leverage their social capital and financial resources into financial gain for themselves and others, with or without capital risk. Turnkey projects – with Wall Street quality offering materials, but without the Wall Street costs – open the markets to the masses!

Do I need to have experience to get started with Planet Wealth?

No. Planet Wealth is designed for people of all experience levels by meeting them where they are and empowering their capabilities. You can start with a small warm market of family and friends or, if you are an online influencer, simply plug in your existing audience.

How does Planet Wealth empower my capability?

Planet Wealth increases the financial capabilities of the middle class through leverage of their combined social and capital resources. Our Members will utilize an easy to use, multi-faceted capital markets platform to Create Wealth without Capital Risk.

Our “Build it Now…” Marketing Suite allows anyone to use professionally prepared marketing material to Build an Audience of like-minded individuals. If you can copy, paste & send, you're represented like a Pro!

Planet Wealth provides the ability to Access Capital at Low Cost by reducing preparation and eliminating traditional intermediary & placement costs. Get started for FREE versus 10's of $1,000s.

Our “Done For You” Turnkeys present the Novice as a Pro with the ability to plug into a Community of Ready to Invest Members to Empower Success.

We know some people struggle with the sales process. That's why we make it easy by providing professionally prepared marketing material and pre-defined structure and terms, so that your audience can Invest with Advantage, making it easy for Investors to say “YES!”

How is Planet Wealth different from Robinhood? From Coinbase? From Start Engine (or other crowdfunding sites)?

Planet Wealth is different from these well-known platforms in that:

  • Robinhood provides access to financial instruments that already exist.
  • Coinbase provides a platform for purchasing cryptocurrencies.
  • Start Engine provides a crowdfunding platform for crowdfunding.


Planet Wealth, which will provide all of those facilities, but which ...
... is not simply a passive platform. Planet Wealth is an active network designed to empower like-minded individuals, from all walks of life, and SME's with the ability to gain financial independence through leverage of their combined social and capital resources.

Our “Build it Now…” approach empowers the masses to build wealth for themselves and others through the Power of Community.

Why might I be interested in being part of Planet Wealth's growth?

Planet Wealth will enable consumers to create, buy, and sell private investments in various asset classes and businesses. Our mission is to enable millions of people worldwide to take control of their financial future and create financial independence for themselves.

How can I participate in the coming growth of Planet Wealth?

Planet Wealth provides a platform to help people begin to create wealth for themselves, without capital risk. Here's how:

  • Register as a Member
  • Spread the news to your friends of how they can gain financial independence, without capital risk through our “Build it Now…” Marketing Suite
  • This transitions your social network and connections into a like-minded network
  • Engage LaunchPro to pool your network's financial capital in a Win-Win proposition
  • Repeat the process to create as much or little wealth, income and equity as you desire!

Is Planet Wealth planning to go public?

If and when a trading venue is established for our shares, we'll make the appropriate public announcements and disclosures.

A New Financial Future is Waiting for You.

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